Unlocking a Brighter Future… The Newlands Group’s Commitment to Growth, Sustainability, and Community.

In our journey towards making a lasting impact, The Newlands Group is taking a long-term view that revolves around scaling up our existing businesses and expanding our purposeful and sustainable portfolio. With each new venture, we unearth fresh opportunities to enhance people’s lives in thrilling and meaningful ways.

A Strategic Path Forward

The Newlands Group is proud to employ between 300 to 400 dedicated individuals. Our presence spans three modern offices located in Darlington and Stockton. Our strategic growth goes beyond numbers; it’s an investment in our people, services, and facilities. This unwavering commitment demonstrates our confidence in the future, fostered by collaborations with local authorities and partners who share our values.

Embracing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

At The Newlands Group, we firmly believe that a positive attitude and action are contagious. This belief fuels our determination to continually strive for excellence and seek out fresh opportunities to inspire and assist others. As a group, we wholeheartedly embrace the net-zero agenda, recognizing the critical importance of environmental responsibility. We take pride in our membership in the Darlington Employers’ Environment Group, where we work alongside fellow businesses to create a united front against environmental challenges.

Supporting Our Communities

In our view, the more we give, the more we gain as a group. Our local communities and their noble causes serve as the driving force behind our commitment to support and sponsor various initiatives while also fostering a spirit of fun and shared activities. It’s with immense joy that we’ve been able to extend our support to numerous community projects, including Teesside Hospice, Darlington RA Youth Cricket, Redcar Disabled Football Team, Darlington RFC U15’s.

At The Newlands Group, we’re not just building a business; we’re cultivating a legacy of growth, sustainability, and community impact. Join us in this exciting journey towards a brighter future, where our commitment to making a difference shine through every endeavour.


Date posted: September 28, 2023

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