In Unity, We find Strength.


Newlands Group is parent company to a diverse selection of businesses which operate in the commercial property, healthcare, education and recruitment sectors.

Each company benefits from investment, strategic direction and infrastructure by being a part of Newlands Group.


Together we are Stronger

Our core ethos at Newlands Group is that everybody has the right to learn, to live comfortably and independently and to build a successful business or career.

The Group is parent company to five businesses;

  • Tribe Recruitment
  • Tribe Search
  • Care Matters Homecare
  • The Robin Centre
  • Turn Left Ventures

With a head office in Darlington, County Durham, Newlands Group continually invests in each of its businesses, and offers senior level support allowing them to expand and thrive.

The Management team at Newlands Group are business professionals with many decades of experience, operating across multiple sectors.

With this level of expertise to navigate the way forward, it is anticipated that Newlands Group will continue to be a respected player within the investment market place.

More about The Newlands Group

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