Why we’re CQC – Safe

CQC Safe and Sure

We know that every special individual we care for is someone else’s whole world. And keeping them safe and sure in their own home is our top priority when we’re helping to make their daily life easier and happier, while giving their loved ones peace of mind. At Care Matters, safety isn’t just a way of working. It’s a mindset that connects our whole team and underpins a genuine passion for what we do.

Our safety goals are simple

Whether we’re planning, delivering or reviewing a care plan, we make sure our people, processes and behind-the-scenes systems are united in keeping our service-users safe and protected from avoidable harm.  Ensuring those in our care can live in a safe environment offers a more enabling, motivated life, and the opportunity to enjoy freedoms rather than being restricted by limitations of risk.

We know, We share, We do

It’s the detail that turns a support package into a good, effective and well-thought out care plan. And it’s the sharing and communication of a good care plan that delivers a safe, life-enhancing service which consistently meets, and often exceeds, a family’s expectations. Clear explanations, regular communication, checks on daily notes and following best practice at all times.
That’s the Care Matters way.

We don’t compromise – it’s all about people

Maintaining safety through professionalism, while ensuring dignity through kindness and compassion helps to ease many difficult situations for service-users and their families on a daily basis. That’s important to us and it’s why we only bring carers into the service who naturally possess the instinctive aptitudes and caring attitude that reflect our values.

It’s good to be ‘Good’

We’re very proud to be highly rated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) for our safe practices in our service delivery and its management. And even more so, we’re delighted that our service-users and their relatives are equally happy and secure in knowing that our service is safe and gives them the necessary confidence to get on with life.  But that’s only the start of our commitment.

To maintain, and continually improve, our high safety standards we keep building on best practice and investing in our people, so they in turn can invest even more skilled care in supporting people in their own homes.

Date posted: May 24, 2023

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