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What is Complex Care

Specialised care, known as complex care, is tailored support designed for individuals dealing with chronic or long-term health conditions. This form of assistance is essential for those who need additional support to manage symptoms and perform daily activities at home.

What is complex care management?

Complex care management is a specialised support package designed to efficiently aid patients and their caregivers in handling medical conditions. This may encompass assistance from a clinical team, necessitating collaborative efforts with other healthcare professionals, including GPs, social workers, and district nurses.

What is complex care in nursing?

A complex care nurse oversees a customised care plan implemented by a team of caregivers for individuals dealing with substantial, enduring, and intricate health concerns, such as chronic illnesses or neurological conditions.

What needs are considered complex?

A prolonged, advancing illness or injury, which may encompass mental health conditions, is typically classified as a complex requirement. Our cares undergo comprehensive training to effectively assist individuals with diverse and intricate care needs.

How can I arrange complex care?

You can arrange complex care now by reaching out to our experienced team. They are contactable directly in Darlington or Stockton using landline (Click here). Alternatively, you can get in touch with us through the form on our website, where you have the option to schedule a call back from our team at your convenience.

After conversing with our team, they will schedule a suitable time for your local care manager to visit you at home and conduct a care assessment. Once we’ve identified your care requirements and any preferences you may have, we’ll devise a care plan tailored to provide you with the precise type and level of care needed to maintain independent, confident, and comfortable living in the comfort of your own home.

How much will Complex Care cost?

A: We understand that cost is a huge consideration in the decision making process.  Our charges for care are based upon a competitive hourly rate. In certain circumstances, there may be additional financial support available towards the cost of care.  All of the options will be openly discussed with you, or your loved one, during your initial discussions with us.

Please contact your local office for further information.

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