Developmental Disorders

Care Matters Homecare provides specialist support for those living with a range of developmental disorders, to enable them to retain a greater degree of independence and live at home.

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Development Disorders

Developmental disorders describe a group of conditions that begin early in life. Such disorders can affect a person in many areas including learning, communication and motor skills.

With the right treatment and management, a child can outgrow these conditions and symptoms. For others, their disorder can continue to affect their essential skills long into adult life.

Care Matters Homecare has the expertise and experience to support you or your loved one, helping them overcome challenges to enjoy a greater degree of independence and continue living at home.

Whether it’s a disorder in communication or learning, living with autism or something less common, our friendly specialist team can provide a level of care that helps make the lives of you or your loved one more manageable with every visit.

Care Matters Homecare Support for Developmental Disabilities & Disorders

Common developmental disorders include:

  • Communication disorders
  • Learning disorders and disabilities
  • Autism & Neurodiversity

Each of these disabilities or disorders presents a different set of challenges for you or your loved one. Our specialist care teams are highly trained to help make such challenges easier, we strive to make life more manageable with every visit.


We Understand Developmental Disorders

Our experienced carers will tailor our development disorder care service entirely around you or your loved one to ensure individual needs are supported.

Support may range from daily visits to assist with washing, dressing and shopping and general household duties… to providing temporary respite care cover, allowing primary carers to take some time off.

We Care...


The girls that come are really nice and friends always on the other end of a phone if I need anything. They do a really good job.

CW (Client / Service User)

Care Matters currently provide my family member with a brilliant service. Very caring staff to whom we are very thankful.

David H (Client / Service User)

Care Matters have a brilliant team of carers that help my sister every day. I don’t know what we would do without them.

Clare D (Sister of Client / Service User)


Q1: How do I arrange some care for myself or a loved one?

A: The quickest way to find out about arranging some care is to call us. One of our experienced team will have a friendly, informal chat with you to find out all about your particular needs and to advise how we may be able to assist.

Q2: Who decides what care I need?

A: Everyone we look after has different needs.  You or your loved one’s unique needs are openly discussed at the start of our service and mutually agreed.

They will continually be reviewed as part of our service. Care needs are set out clearly in the Care Plan which is a comprehensive document detailing lots of information about you or your loved one, in relation to the care received from us.  In agreeing what type of care is best, we may also (with consent) involve close family members or your GP/other health providers to gain a clearer picture on what is needed.

Q3: Do you provide home care in my area?

A: We currently providing care to people at home across the Teesside, County Durham and regions North Yorkshire… and we are growing!
Please contact your nearest office to discuss how we might be able to help you in your area!

Q4: What if I need to speak to someone urgently?

A: Providing care is a 24-hour 7 day a week commitment.  As such, we provide the reassurance that you can contact us at any time, day or night, 365 days of the year. Our local offices are open Monday to Friday 08:30 hours – 17:00 hours ​and outside of these hours, we have an emergency contact number telephone service so that you always have someone to speak to.

Q5: How much will care cost?

A: We understand that cost is a huge consideration in the decision making process.  Our charges for care are based upon a competitive hourly rate. In certain circumstances, there may be additional financial support available towards the cost of care.  All of the options will be openly discussed with you, or your loved one, during your initial discussions with us.

Please contact your local office for further information.

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