About Care Matters Homecare

Care Matters Homecare is a CQC rated, fully supportive home care provider. A trusted part of the local community since 2009, we offer flexible and personalised care packages tailored to need.

What we care about

Care Matters Homecare was created to provide highly personalised home care services of consistently high quality, delivered with respect and compassion every day. Throughout Darlington, Stockton and Middlesbrough, our comprehensive services reach across the Tees Valley and North Yorkshire to support those in need.

We care about the big things and the little things that make our service-users’ lives safe and happy. That means putting in place the people, support and processes that put you and your loved ones first.

From our highly trained care teams supporting people in their homes, to the staff behind the scenes making everything work smoothly for our service-users and their families, we’re extremely proud of our roots and of the quality of care we deliver for local people.

Our Services

Guiding you step-by-step

We know that looking at care options for yourself or a loved one, especially for the first time, can feel overwhelming. Care Matters Homecare will support you in this important decision-making process every step of the way.

With our simple, easy-to-understand process for arranging, coordinating and providing thoughtful, personalised care, you can be confident of the very best service that stays reassuringly flexible to any changing needs or circumstances. Let us take away the stress and uncertainty by giving you the information and support you need.

Our Carers

Getting to know you

By keeping our focus entirely within the North East, our care teams are local people with unrivalled local knowledge. This means we soon build a happy rapport with all our service-users through relatable conversations and familiar references.

Becoming part of your, or your loved one’s, life for however long we’re needed, is something we value highly. So when you or your loved one is ready to reach out for some trusted help at home, be it general care or more complex specialist support, just pick up the phone and let our friendly, experienced team help guide you.

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Care Matters Homecare – Frequently Asked Questions?

Breaking down the basics: Our top FAQs answered… Because You Matter.

Q1: How do I arrange some care for myself or a loved one?

A: The quickest way to find out about arranging care is to call us.  You can find the telephone numbers of your local office number here. One of our experienced Managers will have a friendly, informal chat with you about your particular needs and to advise how we will be able to assist.

Q2: How much will my care cost and how do I pay?

A: Our charges for care are based upon an hourly rate. We fully understand that cost can be a huge consideration in the decision-making process, and therefore your likely costs and charges will be openly discussed with you or your loved one during your telephone call with us.  Please contact your local office for further information.

Q3: Who decides what care I need?

A: Everyone we look after has different needs. You or your loved one’s unique needs are openly discussed at the start of our service and mutually agreed. They will continually be reviewed as part of our service. Care needs are set out clearly within the Care Plan which is a comprehensive document detailing lots of information about you or your loved one, in relation to the care received from us.  In agreeing what type of care is best, we may also (with consent) involve close family members or your GP/other health providers to gain a clearer picture on what is needed.

Q4: What if I want to make changes to my care?

A: We understand that personal needs continually evolve.  That’s why our Care Plans are totally unique to each individual and are continually reviewed to ensure we are providing the very best, relevant care to fit yours or your loved ones needs.  Changes can be implemented wherever required quickly and effectively.

Q5: Will I see the same carer for each visit?

A: Carers are matched according to yours or your loved one’s unique needs, taking many things into account such as personal preferences, location, background etc.
Carer continuity is extremely important to help build long term positive relationships and therefore we always try to ensure you or your loved one, will see the same group of Carers wherever possible. If this has not been feasible, for example due to unexpected absence, we will always try to let you know in advance of the change.

Q6: Do you provide care in my area?

A: We currently are providing care to people at home across the Tees Valley, County Durham and regions in North Yorkshire!
Please contact your nearest office to discuss how we might be able to help you in your area!

Q7: What if I need to speak to someone urgently?

A: Providing care is a 24-hour – 7 day a week commitment. As such, we provide the reassurance that you can contact us at any time, day or night, 365 days of the year.
Our local offices are open Monday to Friday 08:30am – 5:00pm, outside of these hours, we have an dedicated emergency contact service so that you always have someone to speak to out of hours!

Q8: What training have my Carers been given?

A: All our Carers undertake a fully structured training programme as part of their Induction, to ensure they are fully equipped to deliver the excellent standards of care we expect at Care Matters.  We train all our staff in-house and every Carer must satisfy each of the required aspects of the nationally approved Care Certificate qualification, as recommended by our governing body, the Care Quality Commission (CQC).  Staff receive a mixture of classroom-based training and work shadowing with their management teams, including our Clinical Lead team, in the field.  Our Carers attend additional ongoing specialist / complex care training as required and are encouraged to undertake additional skill training courses as part of their own personal development plan. Read more about our carers.

Q9: Who are Care Matters customers?

A: Care Matters are providing care services to many private clients across Tees Valley, County Durham and North Yorkshire.
We are also extremely proud to work in partnership with the public sector and lots of our work comes directly via referrals from local authorities, including:
Stockton Borough Council, Darlington Borough Council, Middlesbrough Council and the NHS.

Q10: Are your Carers insured?

A: Yes, our care team are fully insured for both personal and public liability. Carers will not undertake tasks outside of their role remit for insurance purposes.
The carer duties will be discussed at the outset so that you are clear about what they will be doing during their visit.

Q11: What happens if I want to stop receiving care from Care Matters?

A: We want everyone to be happy with the care they receive from us, any concerns about our care are treated with the highest importance. We aim to resolve any service issues quickly and with mutual agreement. In the unlikely event that you or your loved one wishes to stop our care service; you are free to do so at any time.

Q12: I need to arrange care urgently; can Care Matters help me?

A: We are based in the North East of England and employ people with fantastic local knowledge however we do employ people from outside the region once they have been interviewed and provide in depth work history and relevant qualification. If you or your loved one is in urgent need of care, we can respond really quickly to requests for new Care services.  Contact our friendly team in your local office to find out how we can help you!       

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