Why we’re CQC Responsive

Ready to respond

A person’s circumstances are often ever-changing, so planned care must also be responsive. At Care Matters, we’re ready and capable of meeting new or evolving needs, providing day-to-day reassurance for our service-users and their families. In doing so, we’re able to give people the encouragement and confidence to speak up so they continue to have as much choice and control as possible in their lives.

We listen, we act

The ability to be responsive has been built into every part of our organisation and its services. From our friendly and receptive staff, through to assessment, service delivery and management, everything we do is person-centred. This is something we take great pride in and is recognised by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

In the same way, our staff, service-users and their families are encouraged and supported to raise any concerns which, while rare, are always investigated thoroughly with effective action taken to improve the quality of care. These open and transparent relationships prevent issues occurring, and also provide opportunity for us to learn and keep driving continuous improvement.

Living a life of quality

Every individual in our care has their own, unique blend of physical, emotional, mental and social needs. So that we’re able to assess, understand and meet these needs, our service-users and their families are fully involved in the planning, coordinating and delivery of their chosen tailored care package. Our holistic approach also involves being aware of a person’s cultural and religious beliefs, their interests or hobbies, and making sure that they’re able to take part in activities that are relevant to them. Preventing isolation is essential to overall wellbeing, so by helping individuals maintain their relationships with friends and loved ones, and making sure their communication and information needs are being met is another way we’re able to respect and maintain their quality of life.

Flexible care

For many people, choosing care support is a decision that needs to be made quickly due to an unexpected illness or injury, putting time pressures on finding the right care solution. Because we understand this, we’ve developed a clear and straightforward care management process with simple steps to organise and deliver what’s needed.

Regular checks and reviews from the start, with ongoing care management provides us with frequent opportunities for feedback and reflection, making sure every necessary adjustment or desired change is known, communicated, acted upon and monitored in the Care Matters’ continual process of improvement.

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Date posted: May 15, 2023

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