Why we’re CQC Effective

Effective care is always person-centered

Every individual we care for faces unique challenges. Supporting them and their families to make their own decisions, big and small, we help people navigate the options and offer solutions, so that those challenges can eventually lead to uplifting moments and life-affirming experiences whatever their circumstances. That way, their thoughtfully tailored care plan is always experienced as little daily reminders that say: We Care, You Matter

We get it right from the start

Making sure people have maximum choice and control of their lives starts with a good, comprehensive assessment. So we make sure that needs, preferences and wishes are understood, shared and kept updated. This means every service-user can enjoy a highly personalised and flexible service delivered in their own home, backed with the confidence of their family. We’ll liaise wherever necessary with other health and social care professionals as and when specific expertise or input is needed, aligning any additional interventions with the overall care plan for the best outcomes.

Easing the way to better care

Nobody wants complicated in their life, especially when it’s already feeling overwhelmingly complex and challenging. So the team at Care Matters has developed simple but robust steps to help those seeking care – from ‘pick up the phone and call us for a chat’ through to assessment, delivery, feedback and monitoring. Straightforward, easy to understand information and a keen, listening ear means that our effective, tailored care can be welcomed into the home and delivered with purpose. Better understanding, better care.

Welcoming individuality

We know that care means different things to different people. There’s no set formula to follow. When faced with a new, unfamiliar set of circumstances, a whole family can find themselves in emotional turmoil and in need of a trusted support that can help steady the way and guide the journey through its evolving stages. Changes to relationships, routines, freedoms and the everyday little things that make life what it is, can affect people in so many ways. Every individual and family we work with is unique and we totally embrace this. It means we can put our expertise, knowledge, experience and compassion into every care plan to make it highly personal, relevant and of extra value to those who matter.

Trust, consistency and quality outcomes

Recognised by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), the effectiveness of our services is in no small way down to the excellent relationships between our service-users and our staff. We know that those we care for are happy and comfortable with their caregivers and are confident that their needs, preferences and wishes are understood and responded to by our staff. Supporting people in the least restrictive way and facilitating freedoms is what Care Matters is all about, and will continue to strive to do every day.

You matter. . .  Contact Us directly for more information.

Date posted: May 22, 2023

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